Leadership Model

Feder community is driven by the leadership of every member. It is not about giving orders or talking the most.  This “leadership” refers to the whole process of making the life you want for yourself.

Feder emphasize Meta-leadership1 where you find and connect many fellow leaders based on your self-leadership.

Leading oneself with

The way we think and feel is not always well organized and integrated. That’s why it takes discussion, understanding, and courage within ourselves to lead the way forward. Results might be similar to the following:

  • Self-awareness — Knowing changes and events in mind
  • Self-knowledge — Generalized information of oneself
  • Self-management — Practices of leading oneself forward

When we have these three, we can be as we want to be.

Leading each other with

Meta-leaders unite fellow leaders grounded in their ability to lead themselves. Placing value-oriented goals in front, meta-leaders draw wide engagement and support with sufficient communication and effective decision-making.

When leadership is the center of gravity, abilities and opportunities that have been overlooked get connected. Feder community is such common ground of diverse leaders.

  1. National Preparedness Leadership Initiative Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Meta-Leadership. 2006.