Community Model

Flock is an expanded family where it’s members share daily life and work on communal culture and values. Flocks are the base unit of Feder society model.

A flock consists of Members, a Leader, and Codex.

1. Flock Members

Members spend time together in communal spaces, developing internal culture and values through leadership and decision-making.

Develops culture

As constituents of an independent community, members set communal values and commitments.

Shares and learns

Members share their knowledge and support learning. This can be developed into a project.

Cares for themselves

As members develop autonomy, spiritual independence and self-leadership are necessities.

2. Flock Leaders

Identity of a flock is based on its leader’s act of reaching out. Leaders seek out candidates and suggest joining the flock or vice versa.

As they will share all the rights and responsibilities once a member, the recruitment process happens through friendship and sufficient communication.

Cares for people

Leaders are active in and out of the community and interact with member candidates.

Connects members

Harmony among the members is the No.1 priority in a flock. Leaders are there to facilitate harmony.

From the heart

While speaking with trust and confidence, leaders listen and understand the whole story.

3. Flock Code

Code is a flock’s culture and values codified as commitments to oneself . It works as the center of gravity of the community.

Members of a flock develop their code for communal values, recruitment, finance, etc to set comprehensive pattern for the flock.


Codes are documented and posted so every member can rest assured. It can be used as a description for the flock as well.


Treasury is communal property of a flock. Members save and spend together as the “code” suggests.


Domain refers to communal space of a flock. It can be a living room, an office, or anything else.

To execute this community model, members of a flock develops the ability to handle change and order. The following page explains the leadership model.